The climate

Several factors influence the climate that characterizes the area: position, altitude and influence of the sea interact to create a unique microclimate, different from what happens in the rest of the region. Constant ventilation, a considerable temperature range and low rainfall make it an ideal area for grape production.

The soil

Being of calcareous origin, the soil of Donna Coletta has a very high percentage of skeleton, with a clayey-sandy texture and an alkaline reaction.

The grapes

It is in this area that the primitive was imported, by the Benedictines, in the 12th century. Originally called “primativo” for its early maturation, it found an ideal condition to grow in Murgia area, also thanks to late budding, an essential feature for avoiding spring frosts.
An area with a strong agricultural and winemaking vocation, where the natural heritage mixes with the work of man who over the years has redesigned the landscape and has been able to wisely take advantage of the rocky and clayey soil, producing high quality food products with unmistakable characteristics. The production area of a wine is what makes it easily and, at the same time, extraordinarily recognizable. The altitude, the particular climatic characteristics, the slope and the high clay content of our vineyards play a decisive role in the organoleptic characteristics of the wines. The wines that are born from the grapes of these apparently inaccessible lands, but which prove extremely generous if approached in a sustainable and respectful way, are capable of faithfully reflecting a terroir so rich in facets.

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