Colpo di Zappa

Colpo di Zappa is a wine  inspired by the territory from  which it belong to, close to our traditions and yet so different from the landscapes we are used to.

In the glass the colour is an intense ruby red that releases delicate floral scents and pronounced notes of spices. In fact, the fresh and wild scent of violet combines with the spicy notes of wild flowers and the minerality of stone with strong references to black cherry and plum.

On the palate it opens up with elegance and balance, finding the same olfactory characteristics supported by an acid shoulder that gives the wine a pleasant dynamism, a full body and well integrated, not intrusive tannins.

A Primitivo di Gioia del Colle that  brings back to life an ancient winemaking tradition, referring to a key contemporary style that faithfully respects the aromatic heritage of the grape.


Saliscendi is a project that represents the total identification between wine and territory.
This wine made from Primitivo grapes from the vineyards surrounding Masseria Donna Coletta, takes its name from the characteristic and unpredictable conformation of the territory, characterized by continuous ups and downs on different hills of the area.
The Leone de Castris company has always believed and invested in the deep link between wine and land, consisting of the peculiarities of the resources difficult to imitate, originality and a spirit of belonging to a specific geographical area.

Saliscendi enlights the land more than ever: the climatic environment characterized by lands rich in skeleton and significant temperature ranges, determine the specificity of this excellent wine production, aimed at expressing the longest-lived and elegant of the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle.

Saliscendi is a wine that reminds Noci’s terroir, where the Primitivo is able to communicate one of its most elegant and sophisticated expressions in the Riserva version. The intense ruby ​​red color anticipates the richness sweet spice aromas bouquet, including vanilla and wild flowers, along with ripe red fruits that we find on the nose. On the palate it is soft and smooth, with a dense texture of silky tannins and notes of vanilla and chocolate that make the sip long and persistent.


A delicate rosé wine that captures the aromas and suggestions of a land with a particular wine vocation, revealing an intense taste that shows the great care and dedication behind both, the winemaking and the agronomic choices, for the production of Marisa.


A delicate rosé with a pale color with vivid reflections and an intense and persistent aroma, with hints of black cherry, cherry and wild violets; on the palate it’s soft, elegant with a long and pleasant savory finish.